About us

What is Tracday

Tracday is a service, which gets numbers out of your workouts. By using an app on your mobile device and GPS enabled, we fill this website with neat and useful numbers. For example your workout route, distance traveled, calories burned, average speed and many many more. Everything is synchronized with Tracday website after each workout.

User will always be able to see his workout statistics, gather them in a nice workout history and, if necessary, share them to his friends. It's that simple, because it should be that simple.

Why we are doing this

Because sport is awesome and tracking it should be as easy as just thinking about it.

Because we believe in Tracday and the idea that it can be created simple yet beautiful, effective from every angle and help others to reach their goals, stay strong and motivated without a hitch.

Who we are

We are three good friends and owl, which one day came up with an idea: "Hey let’s make workout tracking app! One that has its own quality standards! One that we could take care of ourselves and sing lullabies to!"

And so words shifted into action - child of our own work was born on November 10th. As any sibling, also Tracday has to be taken care of and there is lots and lots of work ahead of us. But we do not fear. Every user is like a battery of energy that helps us. And we are very thankful for that.